• One of the primary challenges of our time is learning how to balance work, family and self effectively. Balancing Work, Family and Self is a program which focuses on examining which areas of your patient’s life is out of balance, and then learning strategies for balancing your life daily.

    • Identifying Self-care and Other-care options
    • Discovering the Importance of Meaning and Purpose
    • Recapturing a Sense of Joy
    • Transforming the Stressors at Work
    • Empowering Yourself and Your Loved Ones
  • Balancing Work, Family and Self

  • For the General Public

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    Individual Course Cost: $49.95
    For Full Package: $225.00

  • For Board Certified Music Therapists

    Board Certification Domains

    Learning Objectives:

      1. Identify and implement skills for improving client responses to stressful situations
      2. Establish and engage client in non-musical experiences to obtain assessment data
      3. Develop a stronger therapeutic relationship through skills focused on being present and authentic
      4. Identify and implement holistic and psychodynamic theories, tools and strategies to benefit the music therapy practice

    Learning Objectives Relevance to Board Certification Domains: 

      1. I.B.1 – Observe client in music and/or non-music settings
      2. I.B.12 – Engage client in musical and non-musical experiences to obtain assessment data
      3. I.B.13 – Identify client’s response to different types of non-musical experiences
      4. II.A.5.j. – To achieve therapeutic goals employ music relaxation or stress reduction techniques.

    For Course Syllabus, click here

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     For Full Package: $225.00

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