• This course examines coping skills for dealing with various conflicts, including conflict resolution and assertiveness techniques, the importance of understanding body language and active listening.

    • How to manage your emotions during conflict
    • Recognizing the subtle and overt types of body language
    • Positive strategies for resolving conflict
    • How to stay calm and relaxed no matter what is occurring
  • Conflicts, Relationships and Stress

  • For the General Public

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  • For Board Certified Music Therapists

    Board Certification Domains

    Learning Objectives:

      1. Establish a stronger therapeutic relationship through improved social skills
      2. Establish increased individual and group participation
      3. Establish improvement interactive engagement skills
      4. Develop a therapeutic relationship by establishing boundaries and communicating expectations
      5. Develop a therapeutic relationship by recognizing and managing one’s own feelings and behaviors that affect the therapeutic process

    Learning Objectives Relevance to Board Certification Domains: 

      1. I.B.4.g –  Identify client’s manifestations of affective state.
      2. 1.B.12 – Engage client in musical and non-musical experiences to obtain assessment data.
      3. II.A.2.av  –  Provide music therapy experiences that address client’s social skills and interactions.

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     For Full Package: $225.00

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