• Stress has been linked to numerous health-related issues, both physical and mental. Managing Work-Related Stress is a stress management workshop that will teach you how to take a more proactive approach with your day-to-day stressors.

    • Practice numerous “Immediate-Need” and Long-Term Techniques
    • Learn Effective Strategies for Managing Stress Any Time and Any Place
    • De-Stress the Physical Environment Both At Work and Home
    • Recognize and Reverse the Five-Stages of Burnout
    • Learn how to become stress hardy and why that is vital for your health
  • Managing Work-Related Stress

  • For the General Public

    For Course Syllabus, click here

    Individual Course Cost: $49.95
    For Full Package: $225.00

  • For Board Certified Music Therapists

    Board Certification Domains

    Learning Objectives:

      1. Identify and implement skills for improving client responses to stressful situations
      2. Develop a therapeutic relationship through skills focused on being present and authentic
      3. Establish stress reduction techniques to achieve therapeutic goals
      4. Identify and implement, holistic, cognitive and psychodynamic tools and strategies

    Learning Objectives Relevance to Board Certification Domains: 

      1. I.B.4.k –  Identify client’s stressors related to present status
      2. II.A.1.b – Develop a therapeutic relationship by being present and authentic.
      3. II.A.2.bd -Provide music therapy experiences to address client’s wellness
      4. II.A.5.j – To achieve therapeutic goals:  employ music relaxation and/or stress reduction techniques

    For Course Syllabus, click here

    Please read our CBMT Information for Certificants

     For Full Package: $225.00

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