1. What Blocks Our Humor
    2. The four ways that prevent most people from having humor.
    3. What Do We Need to Have Humor
    4. The four secrets to creating more humor.
    5. Optimism Exercise 1
    6. Art of Reframing
    7. Gratitude
    8. How to Use Appreciation to Change the Way You Think.
    9. Setting Intention
    10. Laughter Begins with a Smile
    11. How changing your facial expression can make you happier.
    12. The Psychochemistry of Humor
    13. What happens to your body when you laugh.
    14. Norman Cousins
    15. The Science of Psychoneuroimmunology
    16. Research Studies on Humor
    17. Barry Bittman, MD
    18. Boost Immune System
    19. Lower Cortisol Levels
    20. Lars Jungdahl, MD
    21. Results of 13 Weeks of Humor Therapy
    22. William Fry, M.D
    23. Relationship of the Exercise to Laughter
    24. Humor is Risky Business
    25. What is appropriate vs. inappropriate laughter?
    26. Laughter Gives Us Power
    27. How Abraham Lincoln Used Laughter.
    28. Learn to Laugh Exercises
    29. Good News/Bad News
    30. Bad News/Good News
    31. Laughter Through Irony
    32. Letting Go Laughter Games
    33. How to Create More Humor in Your Life
    34. Suggestions for Adding Humor Into Your Daily Life

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  • Humor and Optimism as Tools for Good Health Syllabus