I Am Stressed for My Job Interview

Tips for Relieving Job Interview Stress

Learn to Stay Relaxed During Your Job Interview

How to Have a Successful Job Interview

Job Interview Stress

Please give me some tips for an important job interview that’s coming up shortly.  I’ve been told that when I get nervous, I start to babble.  How do some people manage to stay cool and do so well on first meetings?

Solutions for a Successful Job Interview

Practice, practice, practice.

I recommend that you role play your interview with some friends or significant other.  You may want to jot down some notes as to what you would like to say and rehearse some of your answers.  There are common questions that are often asked during interviews.  You may want to check the web, your local bookstore or library for information on effective interview skills.

Stress Management Techniques

When you think about your interview what emotions does it create for you?  Do you get stressed about it?  If so, you may want to practice a technique called “Stop, Breathe, Reflect, Choose.”  When you find yourself getting stressed, tell yourself “Stop,” then take a deep breathe in.  This breathe helps to stop the stress cycle.  Then focus on the most positive thought you can think, and then focus on that thought.

The more you redirect your thinking towards positive outcomes, the better you will feel.

Cognitive Stress Management Technique

Another approach would be to focus on the belief systems that you may have about your job interview.  If you’ve had a number of unsuccessful interviews, you may find yourself thinking negatively about the next interview.  Tell yourself that every interview is a new opportunity to create a positive future.  Find a positive affirmation you can direct your attention, such “I will have great experience at my job interview” or “I am an intelligent candidate.”  You may want to make one up that feels good for your situation.

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