My Boss is Stressing Me Out

Stressed Out Because of My Boss

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After working for my boss for over five years (and being the senior member of the team), he gave a relative newcomer the promotion to assistant director.  I’m embarrassed and mad.  This is affecting me so much that on the job I can’t product, and the tension from all of this is giving me the worst neck pain I’ve ever experienced.  I don’t want to quit (I really like what I do), but I’ve got the to learn how to cope.  What should I do?

There are a number of suggestions we have for you.  First of all, find out why your boss didn’t give you the promotion.  I would ask him for all the reasons you were passed up.  Perhaps you have certain behaviors that you are not aware of that are holding you back.

Secondly, I suggest you practice some form of relaxation technique.  Finally it would be wise for you to learn some coping skills such as finding more humor at your job.  There have been some wonderful research surrounding the health benefits of laughter.  One researcher said that 20 seconds of laughter is the cardiovascular equivalent of three minutes of rowing.  You choose!


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