Being the Best You Can Be and Staying Motivated


Being the Best You Can Be and Staying Motivated

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Being the Best You Can Be and Staying Motivated is a DVD that teaches individuals how to maintain a positive attitude and remain motivated and energized throughout their day, no matter what’s going on around them. The DVD details how individuals can enhance their sense of empowerment and be able to maintain a centered perspective on their lives and the events surrounding them.

Among the topics covered:

  • How to develop life-affirming habits
  • How to feel more empowered
  • How to cultivate positive expectations
  • How to nurture yourself
  • How to control unhealthy reactions and maintain a centered perspective

This is a powerful DVD that highlights the behaviors necessary to remain motivated.


Are you someone who has trouble staying motivated in your life? This DVD will teach you how, no matter what you are doing, to stay motivated, excited and challenged by your life’s choices. Though awareness exercises focusing on self-empowerment, self-improvement and learning how to cultivate positive expectations, this DVD will provide you with the necessary steps for being the best person you can be.

Chapter 1: Being the Best You Can Be and Staying Motivated
Chapter 2: Be the Best You Can Be
Chapter 3: Actions Follow Beliefs
Chapter 4: Learning How to Empower Yourself
Chapter 5: Learning How to Nurture Yourself
Chapter 6: Learning How to Accept Yourself
Chapter 7: Develop Life-Affirming Habits
Chapter 8: Learning How to Listen to your Body
Chapter 9: Learning How to Embrace Your Emotions
Chapter 10:Practice Optimism
Chapter 11:Discover Your Passions
Chapter 12:Be Aware of Your Patterns
Chapter 13:Random Acts of Kindness
Chapter 14:Learn How to Have Positive Expectations
Chapter 15:Learn How to Create Healthier Beliefs

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