Occupational Stress-Understanding the Basics


Occupational Stress-Understanding the Basics

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Occupational Stress: Understanding the Basics presents an easy-to-understand overview of key issues involving work-related stressors. The DVD examines Type A behavior and offers suggestions on how Type A individuals can effectively deal with such behavior. The DVD also features several relaxation techniques that individuals can utilize to minimize work-related stress.

Among the topics covered:
Learn why control is the most important factor for determining whether occupational stress is present or not
Learn what Type A behavior is and how to diminish it if you have it
Discover a method of altering the perception of the value of time to relax
Learn the importance of learned optimism
Practice relaxation techniques specifically designed for work-related stress

If you have workplace stress, this DVD will teach you effective strategies for understanding and learning your stress better.

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This DVD on Occupational Stress will teach you how to handle your stress in a workplace environment. You will also learn creative ways to relax yourself while at work. If you are someone who has a stressful job, this DVD will help you in managing your workplace stress.

Chapter 1: Occupational Stress: Understanding the Basics
Chapter 2: Stress Due to a Person’s Role
Chapter 3: Stress Due to Outside Sources
Chapter 4: Type “A” Personality
Chapter 5: Timeshifting
Chapter 6: Relaxation Techniques

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