One of the greatest problems facing participants today is how to create balance in their lives.  When an individual loses their sense of life balance, it creates the potential for burnout and other stress-related problems.

Creating a Healthy Balance™ combines lecture, discussion, written exercises, and work in pairs to teach participants how to achieve a healthier state of balance between work, family and self. This program focuses on a number of different areas, including creative self-care in which participants will examine their levels of self-nurturance, evaluate their habits and learn how to inspire themselves daily. In the mental self-care portion, participants will investigate their emotions, and learn how to develop a greater sense of self. Spiritual self-care focuses on what spiritual health means to each member and the five mental pathways to spiritual well being. Physical Self-Care focuses on ways to awaken participants to importance of taking care of their body, whether that means getting enough sleep or exercising as a way to avoid health challenges. We will further focus on the challenges of caring for a family and dealing with family priorities. Finally, this program will support participants to learn to clarify their values, set healthy balance goals and rebalance themselves.

  • Some of the areas covered in this program include:

    • Clarifying Self-Care Options;
    • The Importance of Self-Nurturance in Creating a Healthy Balance;
    • The Importance of Creating Boundaries;
    • Strengthening Family Bonds;
    • Regaining a Sense of Equilibrium.

    Value to participants: Participants will leave this program with a specific prescription for creating a greater sense of balance in their lives. Participants will also understand which strategies and tools will assist them in creating greater

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  • Creating a Healthy Balance