This workshop is designed for anyone who is needing relief from their day-to-day frustrations by allowing for a constructive and enjoyable release of tension through laughter.

In order to provide an intellectual understanding of humor, participants are educated as to the latest research on the health benefits of humor as well as having numerous opportunities to experience their own joy.

Humor as a Tool for Good Health

  • Program Description

    “Humor and Optimism as Tools for Good Health” provides a step-by-step approach for creating more joy and laughter in the lives of participants.

    In order to create more humor, participants must learn to control those areas that block humor, such as stress. In addition, participants are taught how to cultivate a more positive frame of mind learning to direct their minds towards the positive .

    Finally participants are provided with numerous experiences in which to practice humor. Some of the areas covered in this program include:

    • Understanding and removing the blocks to humor;
    • The Importance of Smiling;
    • The Power of Being Optimistic and Having more Gratitude;
    • The Psychochemistry of Humor;
    • The Power of Appreciation;
    • Studies Demonstrating the Positive Effects of Humor.

    In addition, participants will be provided with numerous opportunities to experience laughter during class, through role playing, improvisational games, and written exercises.

    The happier your staff feels, the greater their morale, the better they can cope with stress, and more productively work with others.

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    Stress Solutions has been featured in numerous local and national media publications like the New York Newsday.

  • Humor as a Tool for Good Health

“In Robert’s class, I learned that laughter truly is the best remedy for any problem — if you can see the funny side any situation, it can definitely reduce the stress.”
B. Winter, Vice President, Pitney Bowes, Inc.

“The good news it that the class exceeded my expectations — the bad news is it was only one session.”
N. Armstrong, Manager-IT, Arnold & Porter

“Due to taking your class I have decided to no longer sweat the small stuff and stop whining about any of my “challenges.”
S. Booth, Sr. Accountant, Chase Man. Bank

“The whole class was very enjoyable and enlightening. Mr. Friedman did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed the afternoon!”
K. Goldstein, Exec. Secretary, Forbes, Inc.

“The class was enjoyable and incorporated many activities that I have forgotten over the years. Thanks for this class I learned the importance of being optimistic no matter what life hands me.”
T. Gibbs, Attorney, Kaye Schuler

“Robert’s class was very interesting and informative. My firm’s money was well spent. I definitely enjoyed myself. Every participant seemed to have fun and yet at the same time—learn important life skills.”
Helene Landers, Office Manager