If you would like an exciting, unusual and innovative program to build team spirit, boost morale, increase sales and productivity, boost the body’s immune system and reduce burnout, then we would like to introduce you to Drumming Away Stress®. This unique concept has worked for such organizations as American Express, Xerox Corporation, Viacom, CMP Media, among others.

Drumming Away Stress® combines energetic, percussive drumming with calming guided imagery exercises to provide a lasting and powerful release of stress. This workshop is designed for executives and professionals seeking relief from their day-to-day frustrations by allowing for a constructive and enjoyable release of tension.

Drumming Away Stress

  • Why Drumming Away Stress® Works

    Stress reduction generally involves either an active component, such as exercise, or a passive component, such as meditation. Drumming Away Stress® combines both techniques in an innovative approach which releases stress actively through percussive drumming and passively through a calming guided imagery exercise. This combination leaves participants with the unique experience of feeling energized, yet relaxed and centered, as well.

    Components of the Program

    Rhythm Games

    In an environment of humor and playfulness, participants are invited to express rhythms vocally through scat phrasing (vocalizing nonsensical rhythm words). This activity helps individuals gently experience their own sense of rhythm through their voices. Then, simple percussive exercises are used to acquaint participants with an exotic rhythm instrument from around the world.

    Personal Musical Expression

    Using a variety of percussion instruments such as caribé congas, dumbeks, ashikas, and djembes, participants are encouraged to freely and creatively express themselves.
    Each individual is next led through a series of percussive exercises with goals of building communication skills, deepening concentration and reducing stress, among others. In addition, by emphasizing the importance of listening to others while playing, team spirit is built.

    Guided Visualization Exercises.

    Finally, participants are invited to close their eyes and relax through deep breathing exercises. Once in a relaxed state, individuals are led through a guided imagery exercise which features tranquil and relaxing scenes. Participants are encouraged to use this technique during future moments of stress.

    Drumming Away Stress® will:

    Build Team Spirit
    Increase Morale
    Increase Productivity
    Reduce Stress
    Enhance Creativity
    Increase Personal Power

    One of the successful activities used in the Drumming Away Stress® workshop are Scat CardsTM, which are 35 nonsensical rhythmic phrases which always induce lots of stress-relieving laughter.  Check out our information on Scat Cards™.

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    Stress Solutions has been featured in numerous press and media publications about drumming like the Chicago Tribune.

  • Drumming Away Stress

    Drumming Away Stress

    Drumming Away Stress

“A joyous experience for myself and the group. The drums compel you to complete self-expression, and then, pleasurably exhausted, you are gently lulled to a fully relaxed and calm state through Robert’s guided imagery exercise.”
G. Eisenkraft, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments

“The workshop was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! I left the workshop both calm and energized at the same time.”
S. Hitzig, Vice President, Smith Barney

“Drumming Away Stress is an excellent outlet for stress reduction. It allows you to be creative, relax and thoroughly enjoy yourself. As a group activity, it allows you to communicate with others and produce great rhythm as a team. I strongly recommend it.”
B. Kelly, Lehman Brothers

“It was a lot of fun and easier than I thought to relax and enjoy myself. Great techniques!”
L. Benjamin, EAP Officer, American Express Inc.

“Over the past 4 1/2 years, Robert has presented monthly “Drumming Away Stress” workshops to the guests of the New Age Health Spa (groups ranging from 20-75 people). This program has become one of the most popular of all of our evening activities. In addition to presenting a professional and informative presentation on stress management, Robert’s easy-going and humorous approach, also allows for a fun and entertaining event.”

“Robert has a strong commitment to health and wellness and successfully uses “Drumming Away Stress” as a tool to assist individuals in enhancing their well-being. I have no hesitation in recommending Robert L. Friedman and “Drumming Away Stress” to any organization.”
B. Palumbo, General Manager, New Age Health Spa

“I left with a wholesome and relaxed feeling. Drumming Away Stress cleared my mind and I had only pleasant thoughts the rest of the day.”
L. Fracchiolla, Assistant Vice President. Chemical Bank

“I came to this rather reserved but found this to be the most “free-ing” experience I’ve had in years. I was able to release my inner feelings and my hidden self – much to my own surprise. I reached a place in myself that I thought was carefully covered up. Thank you for a remarkable experience.”
S. Juliet, Former President, St. Vincent’s Hospital

“Drumming Away Stress created for me a high level of excitement and a feeling of being really alive.”
Debbie Wexler, Communications Program Specialist, United States Postal Service

“It was a fun experience and sharing expressive exercises with colleagues was rewarding. Thanks!”
K. Applebaum, Director of Psychology, Holliswood Hospital

“Drumming Away Stress was a very joyful and fun experience. I left Robert’s workshop
feeling happy and relaxed.”
Sam Rabison, MD, Chief of Psychiatry, Deaconness Waltham Hospital

“I enjoyed Drumming Away Stress very much. It’s a great way to relieve stress.”
Fran Argento, Account Representative, Citibank

“I appreciated how focused Robert’s techniques were. I left his seminar centered and
Helen Adler, Director, Montefiore Medical Center

“A very positive experience. I now need a drum to bring into the courtroom when the judge causes my stress level to rise!”
Linda Piff, Esq., Attorney

“Drumming Away Stress was a very unique program that made me forget my worries, both work and personally. I left the workshop totally relaxed and yet filled with energy.”
Ismenia Rodriguez, Associate, American Express Inc.

“Pleasantly surprised… enjoyed the rhythm.”
P. Meighan, Training Manager, Pfizer, Inc.

“I could feel a certain release during the workshop. It was liberating. Very enjoyable!”
T. Moffitt, Director of Marketing, DVA

“It is nice to find a new and different experience that is both fun (pleasurable) and relaxing.”
G. Schalmer, Social Worker

“Very good leader/instructor, easy to follow and made it fun.”
P. Bobwich, Manager, Proctor Gamble

“Very enjoyable. Engaging. Excellent facilitation.”
Ina Goldberg, MediSolutions