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Managing Work-Related Stress is a comprehensive stress management workshop that uses a three-tiered approach in which education, self-discovery, and experiential exercises help employees take a proactive role in the area of stress reduction. Employees are educated as to the latest research on the causes and solutions of stress; questionnaires provide a benchmark of employees’ stress levels and their current coping mechanisms; and numerous opportunities are provided to practice stress management techniques in class, at work and at home to reinforce a positive lifestyle change.

Managing Work-Related Stress

  • The educational aspect of the seminar includes lecture and discussion of such topics as:

    • How does stress really affect your health;
    • How do you to turn negative stress into positive motivation?;
    • How to relax anytime, and anywhere;
    • What are the five stages of burnout?;
    • How to counter your stress by knowing your stress style;
    • How to become stress hardy and look forward to stress;
    • The latest research on the importance of emotional support;
    • How to positively alter the physical environment and, of course;
    • The many intricacies of occupational stress.

    In addition, each employee is assisted in creating a personal contract in order to develop a concrete plan for creating a healthier lifestyle.
    Recognizing that each employee has a unique personality and style, we offer a varied menu of stress-management approaches from which he or she can choose. The approaches we teach include:

    • Meditation
    • Progressive relaxation,
    • Autogenic training
    • Self-hypnosis, guided visualization,
    • Applied relaxation

    We also teach a myriad of one-minute “I need help right now!” techniques.

    Employees receive coaching throughout the seminar regarding ways to fine-tune the techniques.

    Please contact us for more details and bookings.

    Stress Solutions has been featured in numerous press and media publications like the Forest Hills Times.

  • Managing Work-Related Stress

“I entered your workshop stressed and left relaxed. I felt uplifted by this experience.”
F. Spinner, Financial Analyst, American Express Co., Inc.

“Excellent classes for the corporate environment. Keep up the good work! The world needs an outlet for stress badly.”
S. Ortega, Customer Satisfaction Supervisor, Xerox, Inc.

“I found the presentation to be clear and focused. Great ideas! The techniques were extremely effective and useful.”
L. Summers, Psychologist – EAP, Hoffman LaRoche, Inc.

“I found your seminar to be very educational. I realize now that I may not be able to control a situation, but I can control my reaction. This is a new insight for me!”
M. Keegan, Human Resource Admin. Manager, Pitney Bowes, Inc.

“Thank you for coming to Avis. Yours is a very valuable program which we all need!”
A. Clancy, Director, Health Unit, Avis, Inc.

“Your workshop gave me a better understanding of how to control my stress. It was very well presented.”
L. Fucile, Assistant Controller, BBDO International, Inc.

“Journey Into Relaxation was excellent. I learned many new techniques and tips which will be very helpful to me. I left each class feeling much more relaxed and positive than when I went in!”
C. Martinelli, Director, Hoffman LaRoche Inc.